The Power of Reading – ConnectED

Today Year 6 joined the ConnectED – Power of Reading session. We heard from two business employees who both work in Canary Wharf; one as a lawyer and one in property assets.

They discussed the power of reading in their jobs and where they are required to use reading in their professional life. Hopefully this inspired some of our Year 6s to think that they could work in jobs like this!

Melissa the lawyer talking about Reading being her superpower.
Reading isn’t always easy!

The Power and Importance of Reading

It is so important that children continue to read regularly at home. Children in Year 6 continue to benefit hugely from daily reading (5 minutes) with an adult. This supports their oracy, understanding and confidence as well as supporting a love of reading.

Here’s a few free websites where children can access an amazing range of books.

Get Epic – Free digital library for children. All Year 6 children have the login to their own individual profile. (See instructions on Google Classroom)

International Children’s Library – Free children’s stories available in a wide range of different languages.

Oak National Academy Library – A full text from a well-known children’s author is added each week. Week 1 was Jacqueline Wilson. Week 2 – Nizrana Farook.

The Musings of Kandinsky

On Friday we had a go at creating some images in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.
Some children created their pieces by hand and others used technology to create them. This ties into our work on ‘The Harmonica’ with the concepts of beauty and processing our emotions through creative expression to music.