A visit from UK Parliament

Following our drivers of activism and democracy, yesterday we had a virtual visit from the education team at UK Parliament.

Introduction to the House of Commons.

The children looked at the different parts of the building and learnt about some of the history of the Houses of Parliament. Then we looked at how our democracy works in the UK as well as the different components of the Houses of Parliament and how a law is written.

The importance of debate.

We were able to participate using the chat and the children asked lots of great questions and made some excellent suggestions about campaigns that they would raise or the purpose of different laws.

Secondary School Places

Families do not need to take any action on offer day, as they have until 15 March to submit waiting list requests and 29 March to submit appeal requests.

If families are not happy with the school they have been offered they can ask to be added to the waiting list for any Leeds school (including schools they haven’t previously asked for)  and can appeal against the refusal of a place at a preferenced school. Waiting list forms and appeal forms are available at www.leeds.gov.uk/offerday.

Can you please recommend to any family who are considering refusing their offer that they

·         contact the allocated school before turning down the offer

·         are aware that if they turn down a place, it will be allocated to another child and we cannot guarantee a place will become available at a closer school to home – they could be left without a Year 7 place.

·         understand accepting an offer doesn’t impact the chances of being offered a place from the waiting list or increase the chances of success at an appeal hearing

·         any family who refuses an offer must contact the offered school direct and will be asked to confirm where they will be educating their child in September

Application forms for any children who have not submitted an application for Year 7 can be found on our website www.leeds.gov.uk/offerday

A Visit from Tom Palmer

This afternoon Year 6 were delighted to have a Q&A session with the Leeds ‘born & bred’ author Tom Palmer.

Tom spoke to us about the inspiration for many of his historical novels as well as his undying love of football (and Leeds United!)
Year 6 asked him many excellent questions about how he had become a writer, his favourite books and other football-related questions!

Hopefully some of our young people were inspired by today’s session and could see themselves becoming Writers one day!

Wow: what a half term!

Well it’s never quiet over at Allerton CE! We cannot believe how quickly this half term has flown by!

We have been so impressed by the engagement of the children over this half term – they have been punctual, eager to learn and excited to see everyone each day…even in a virtual sense!

We were lucky that our visit from the National Holocaust Centre was still able to take place and that we had the privilege of meeting a real survivor.

We have sung and danced with the London School of Contemporary Piano and Mr Mercer. We have created every Friday in our morning Art sessions and have some lovely pieces to show from it.

We’ve been inspired by speakers from some of the top businesses in the UK.

We truly made the most of the freezing temperatures and snowy, snowy days.

Most importantly, we have carried on learning and growing within our subjects and have now nailed Algebra and are really thinking about the different ways to structure sentences within our Writing.

Thanks very much to all grown-ups at home who have cajoled, nagged, encouraged and celebrated alongside us. We are so grateful for your efforts and it has really felt like a big Year 6 team for the last 6 weeks.

We look forward to this continuing next half term and hope that you all have a fantastic half term holiday!

Mr Kay, Mr Ash & Miss Hall

The Power of Maths

This morning we tuned in again to the Tower Hamlets sessions this time discussing the ‘Power of Maths’ and how two KPMG employees use this in their everyday jobs.

The Power of Maths

We discussed the creativity and problem-solving in Maths. Also the fact that it doesn’t matter which Language you speak – Maths is the same. It’s a universal language for people.

Maths comes into all areas of your life particularly in Engineering or Computer Science. Maths makes you feel really clever if you are good at it.

Working at KPMG if a client comes to you with a problem you need to work out how we will solve this. We need to look at how many people we will need to fix this and how much this will cost. We also need to review reports to keep track of the numbers, time-scales and costs involved.

Coding is all about Maths, patterns and problems. Maths help you to look at things in a logical and pattern-based way.
Noone is born being good at Maths you need to practise and take time to learn patterns. The more you do the more you might like it 🙂

If people don’t like Maths why do you feel this way? Is it because you don’t understand? Not everyone needs to be a serious Mathematician but don’t let other people tell you if you’re good or not good at something.

Don’t think you’re not clever enough or not good enough. Everyone needs to practise 🙂

Maths is a subject where if you put the time in you WILL get better. Maths is everywhere it’s not just in the classroom!

We use Maths to work out time differences for when we can call our family.

What if you’re behind iin Maths?

Work with a friend or somebody who’s better at Maths and ask them for advice. What did they do to get there?
Keep practising – ask for help and keep practising those skills.

If I’m not good at Maths can I be good at Coding?

Absolutely! If you try hard at Maths though, this can HELP you with Coding 🙂 Everyone thinks a little bit that they’re not good at Maths!