Year 6 Leavers’ Hoodies

Year 6 Leavers’ Hoodies

Year 6 Leavers’ Hoodies are now available to order. Please complete the form below with your parent/carer so that we know if you would/would not like to order one.

Last year hoodies were £20 and this year we have managed to secrure them for £14.75 each. They will have the school logo embroided on the front left hand side and “Leavers 21” on the back in white with the children’s names in the numbers.

Children can choose from red, blue, green, yellow or black.

Please complete the form and go to ParentPay to pay for your hoodie by 12 pm on Monday 16th March 2021, so we can order these and the children can start wearing them from the beginning of the Summer Term. If you have any issues with paying by this date please email and let us know.

Secondary School Places

Families do not need to take any action on offer day, as they have until 15 March to submit waiting list requests and 29 March to submit appeal requests.

If families are not happy with the school they have been offered they can ask to be added to the waiting list for any Leeds school (including schools they haven’t previously asked for)  and can appeal against the refusal of a place at a preferenced school. Waiting list forms and appeal forms are available at

Can you please recommend to any family who are considering refusing their offer that they

·         contact the allocated school before turning down the offer

·         are aware that if they turn down a place, it will be allocated to another child and we cannot guarantee a place will become available at a closer school to home – they could be left without a Year 7 place.

·         understand accepting an offer doesn’t impact the chances of being offered a place from the waiting list or increase the chances of success at an appeal hearing

·         any family who refuses an offer must contact the offered school direct and will be asked to confirm where they will be educating their child in September

Application forms for any children who have not submitted an application for Year 7 can be found on our website

Chromebooks in Year 6

  1. What have you enjoyed about having access to a class set of Chromebooks in Year 6?
  2. How have they helped your learning?
  3. Would it have helped to have been able to take these home? Why?


Mr Kay & Miss Hall