It’s amazing to share that a team from 6H won the Picasso Prize in the Kidovation design challenge for overall external design and appearance. Here’s a picture of their fabulous solution and pitch!

Sports’ Day

We had a fantastic day yesterday at KS2 Sports’ Day. The sun shone for us and we were all very excited to be leaving school on a bus for the first time in more than a year!

We participated in a big range of track and field events, competing in heats before the finals. The children behaved so well all day and had amazing attitudes – supporting each other and building each other up.

Birkdale boys competing for points.

Big congratulations to Birkdale who were crowned the eventual winners!

Designing our prototypes

Day 3 on the Kidovation project and we’ve been turning our prototype ideas into reality. It’s been a very industrious classroom this afternoon which the children have led magnificiently. They have really collaborated in their groups ensuring clear delegation and we only had 1 little fall out! Pretty impressive everyone 🙂

Battle of the Beaks

Natural Selection is the process by which species change over time as they adapt to changes in their environment.

Today we have been learning about Darwin’s theory of natural selection particularly in the Galápagos Islands in relation to the 13 species of finches that live there. We found that certain beaks were much better adapted to certain types of foods. It was hard for certain beaks to enter different containers (replicating trees or holes in the ground).