News Update – End of Week 3!

Hello all Year 6 children and grown-ups!

We’ve reached the end of week 3! Where has the time gone…!?

European Languages Day – Today we celebrated European Day of Languages with the fantastic Lingotot Festival, various art, quiz and cultural activities as well as using some of our European languages.
If your child wants to join the French After School Club with the festival they are very welcome to do so here from 16:00 on Friday:

High Schools – Just a reminder that applications for high schools close shortly. Please make sure that you have applied for a school(s) for your child!

Reading – Children will be bringing home reading scheme books and planners every night. Please make sure that you are reading with your child as often as possible and ideally every day. This is still very important even though they seem more independent now.

Here’s the lowdown of what we’ve been up to on the top floor this week:

Maths: A revisory Addition and Subtraction week finished by looking at word problems and inverse operations. We were really pleased with how much this cohort seems to have remembered from previous years and their core knowledge seems really solid 🙂

English: Following the writing of their fantastic ‘Wind’ poems inspired by the fantastic Dionne Brand we have moved on to look at information texts. We will be looking at Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing for this sequence and hope to have some fantastic tree pages at the end.

Core curriculum: We have been continuing our work on 6-figure OS maps this year and looking at the map of our local area. In Science we have continued our work on classification keys and had a go at constructing our own.

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