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Hello all!

We just wanted to make you aware of kooth.com, a free, safe online community and counselling site for children and young people.

Kooth.com is available in your area, commissioned by your local NHS clinical commissioning group or Local Authority. It is available to children and young people in 77% of CCGs in England and look after 500k children and young people every year.

They are hugely aware of the impact of COVID 19 on our year 6 children. We have launched a specific transition campaign for year 6 children which you can find here. Kooth.com is available 365 days per year with live counselling available 12 until 10pm everyday.

What is Kooth?

Kooth.com is a free online mental health platform for children and young people. It is free for young people to access the service, no referral is needed and by creating an online profile young people remain anonymous whilst accessing direct counselling, and/or browsing the site for self-help information and guidance. The whole site is fully safeguarded and pre-moderated.

Our multi-professional team includes BACP accredited counsellors, media workers (who moderate site content) and senior emotional well- being practitioners who are supported by a management team working to a clear clinical and quality governance framework.

XenZone has robust safeguarding practice which is robustly overseen by our senior clinical and safeguarding team. This ensures kooth.com is a safe, supportive and accessible service for young people in a non- stigmatising environment.

Who is Kooth for?

Any year 6 students or secondary students that may need support with their mental health. They don’t need a referral or parental permission.The service is anonymous and fully safeguarded.

Noone can create a username, post a comment or create content without our team approving it. We work with young people who may be interested in exploring mental wellbeing – right through to those with ongoing mental health needs that may use us alongside or instead of traditional services face to face and CAMHS services.

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