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Welcome to the class blog of 6H at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the watchful eye of Ms Hall we will blog to the world about what we are learning.

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The Power and Importance of Reading

It is so important that children continue to read regularly at home. Children in Year 6 continue to benefit hugely from daily reading (5 minutes) with an adult. This supports their oracy, understanding and confidence as well as supporting a love of reading.

Here’s a few free websites where children can access an amazing range of books.

Get Epic – Free digital library for children. All Year 6 children have the login to their own individual profile. (See instructions on Google Classroom)

International Children’s Library – Free children’s stories available in a wide range of different languages.

Oak National Academy Library – A full text from a well-known children’s author is added each week. Week 1 was Jacqueline Wilson. Week 2 – Nizrana Farook.

The Musings of Kandinsky

On Friday we had a go at creating some images in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.
Some children created their pieces by hand and others used technology to create them. This ties into our work on ‘The Harmonica’ with the concepts of beauty and processing our emotions through creative expression to music.

A morning with the National Holocaust Centre and interview with a survivor.

Wow what a busy morning we have had in Year 6!

We were very lucky this morning to be able to continue with our planned visit from the National Holocaust Centre (albeit online!). Mrs Strauther was so interesting and we had so many ideas and questions to share with her.
One thing Miss Hall found particularly interesting that the German government made it illegal for Jewish people to have pets in the 1930s. Miss Hall would definitely have missed Mirren and I know Mr Kay wouldn’t have been able to part with Ralph!

Year 6 in our workshop this morning.

We managed to get a staggering 76 of you to join the call at the same time – isn’t technology amazing!

After a short break we met Trude Silman a Holocaust survivor who now lives in Leeds and who travelled to England on the Kindertransport. Trude showed us many pictures of her life and told us lots about her family and their experiences. Again, the children asked many interesting questions.

Well done to everyone for listening so well and being so respectful and engaged with both Mrs Strauther and Mrs Silman. I know you will all have taken so much away about Leo and Trude’s stories and also the importance of being an upstander on things that are wrong.